Bellevue Arts Fair

I went to the Bellevue Arts Fair in Downtown Bellevue, WA on Saturday and saw some cool paintings and sculptures by the local artists. I should've posted this on Saturday so I could've encouraged some of the local readers to check out the festival (it ended on Sunday). Oh well, maybe next year!

I really liked these giant animal sculptures (they move too!), but I don't think I have the money to buy or place to put them!

These coat racks are a great way to recycle your old spoons and forks. It would be cute to have one of these in the kitchen for hanging aprons and other cooking-related items.

I promise I'll do a food post soon. Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh I love the personality on those coat hangers, cute

  2. OMG i would LOVE to have those coat hangers!!!

  3. Me too, those coathangers arE so creative! You live sorta close to me- I'm in vancouver bc